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1-to-1 Coaching


Our 1-to1 coaching program offers professionals a confidential space to take stock of their current situation, assess their strengths and areas for development and focus on a development plan that aligns with their short and longer term career goals.  


Team Coaching


We assist new or established teams to align around a common purpose and goals and improve their effectiveness.


We help the team to address barriers and dysfunctions and maintain high performance through challenging and changing times.




Focused Facilitation offers tailored interactive training sessions to support the development of core communication skills and specific management and leadership skills and competencies. Some examples of modules available include:  

Influence and Persuasion

Understand the art of persuasion; develop a wider set of influencing strategies and learn how to apply them successfully.


Team Effectiveness

Take time out to review your current effectiveness as a team; realign on your purpose and refocus on key areas to improve performance.


Assertive Communication

Develop a communication style that is calm, clear and focused on win-win outcomes.  Understand and apply the mind-set and strategies of the assertive communicator.  


Decision Making in Groups

Explore a variety of effective group decision processes. Learn how to avoid ending up with ‘false consensus’ and achieve greater commitment to decisions.

Creative Thinking Approaches

Solve problems and generate new ideas by learning and experimenting with creative tools and techniques.


Parallel Thinking

Using DeBono’s 6 thinking Hats approach, discover how easy it is to engage in collaborative discussions and make faster decisions that everyone can support.


Emotional Intelligence

Learn how strengthening your Emotional Intelligence can assist you to become a more effective Manager and Leader.


Understanding Motivation

Learn about the common motivational drivers. Develop strategies to keep yourself motivated through challenging times.  Learn how to meet the different motivational needs of your team and colleagues.  

These modules are available in short sessions or can be integrated into a tailored package to include facilitated discussions and action learning.


Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 


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