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Focused Facilitation offer professional facilitation expertise, knowledge and tools to organisations and community groups, to enable more productive and effective meetings, workshops and conferences.  


In addition we provide one to one coaching and training.



Focused Facilitation is a Professional Facilitation Company.  


We design and facilitate meetings and workshops that help groups to improve the way they plan, solve problems, manage disagreements and make decisions.


Ultimately this translates to more successful implementation of plans and realisation of goals.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Idea Generation

  • Stakeholder Consultation

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Project Planning & Review

  • Family Business Succession Planning

Professional Facilitation of:

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When might I need a Facilitator?


...when there are a variety of strong views in the room and important decisions needs to be made                                                                  


...when the group want to avoid getting side tracked and need to stay focused


...when the leader wants to ensure all views are heard and the team needs to feel ownership for the decision


...when a neutral party is needed to ensure participation and trust


...when the group require new tools, techniques and processes to aid their discussions and decision making